Dr. Beth Hall is a licensed clinical psychologist currently treating adults and seniors in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Dr. Hall provides treatment in a private setting for adults and seniors.

People seek the help of a psychologist for many different reasons. As a psychologist my focus is on helping people better understand themselves and their challenges in order to live more fulfilling lives. A variety of techniques or theoretical orientations may be used in the process of therapy. My primary theoretical orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  CBT is a scientifically based therapy which focuses on promoting change in the content of one’s thoughts in order to promote changes in behavior. Therapy also centers on the development of insight, skills and strategies to cope with and overcome many of life’s challenges.

Specializing in behavioral/health medicine, I believe in working collaboratively with other medical health practitioners. However it is the collaborative relationship between the therapist and the patient that promotes positive emotional and behavioral change.


Panic Disorder
Coping with Medical Illness
Stress Management
Psychotherapy Services

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“Is something missing in your life that needs to change and you have yet to make it happen? Maybe you’ve almost lost hope that things could be different or better. Whether you’re dealing with grief, depression, anxiety…anything is possible.”